Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DAY 2 - Wiltons Master Course in Chicago - Tue 28 Sept

Hello Everyone .... here we go for DAY 2 after  6 hours sleep thank god WOOHOO!!!

We started at 0700 this morning and finished at 6.45pm as we had our first gum paste (flowers) class.

Our teachers for the Master Class are Debbie and Lorena and they are excellent. Very patient and explain everything really well. Mary is our gum paste teacher and awesome too.

One of the ladies is behind the scenes baking for our break times and my 'wheat intollerance' has had to go out of the kitchen for a while with the cupcakes that have been made for us .... it's worth it!!!

OK, today we had to practice all our 'perfect' piping that we learnt yesterday and then we learnt the reverse shell (not good), basket weave (yeah okay), cornelli lace (excellent), bead border (anyone that can make these buggers round gets a medal), rope (mine dismal), double over striping work (good fun) and then the crown boarder apparently which has gone out of fashion (hopefully will not come back for a while)

Also went to the Spotlight equivalent at lunch time to start thinking options for bedazzling up my soon to be 3 tier cake. Being me, had to buy all the colour ribbons as I couldn't make my mind up between all shades of the pinks and purples .... still haven't but got some awesome ribbons for future cakes.

No purchases from the Wilton shop - pretty proud of myself

We had 3 hours of the flower making gum paste class which was brilliant. Lots of fun and you will see the goodie pack we got which was just like opening a Xmas pressie. We started prepping the flowers like daisies, lillles and the rose bases (I chose pink in about 7 mins) and the rose leaves .... not a bad effort at all by all of us .... 3 more nights of this class to go and we are allowed to use these flowers for a final cake too (if they match our colour scheme remember)

Bob from Florida drove us home tonight and we got into a traffic jam through one of the towns, there was a big massive 4wd drive parked next to us and the number plate was 'big'. God bless the USA for keeping life easy for us.

Right, exhausted, need to sleep, enjoy the pics. No more piping tomorrow ... its cake time

The foam cakes in the pics are me trying to work out whether to do the square round round or the round round square ... what a decision

Fiona x


  1. looking good Hewish.....hope you're thinking about international deliveries!


  2. Oh my god! It looks like you're in decorating heaven! Love the piping, hun!

    Don't know what you're talking about - your reverse shell looks quite good in the picture!

    You're definitely going to have to show me the trick to a good basket weave. Mine comes out too... raised?

    SRR vs RRS:
    My vote would be square at the bottom, but it all depends on what your decorating ideas are!

  3. Wow, lady! Work those paste flowers! That's incredible!

  4. Wow you are doing really well! Remember to look for Xmas decs for over here, and give your hands a rest & massage when you can.XXXXXmum

  5. Sounds like you're having a terrific time x

  6. Hey Fiona,
    It all looks and sounds fantastic - keep having loads of fun and I can't wait to try your cakes, when I finally make it back over to Oz for a visit.

    Helen xxx