Thursday, September 30, 2010

DAY 3 - Wiltons Master Course in Chicago ....

Evening everyone ...

Hope you are all excellent.

Can't believe we are on DAY 3 already. Today consisted of a power outage in the kitchens and dodgy icing!!! Oh no you are all probably thinking ... oh yes ...

Jetlag hit big time this morning and even after 5 hours sleep I was still exhausted and struggled all day.

We arrived at 7am this morning to start my beloved piping skills and half the school was in darkness, so after shuffling around the kitchenaid (very heavy) and finding a power outlet that was working we were back in business.

Was all about piping this morning, going over yesterdays and then learning a few more  ..... The Chandelier (might won't be hung in Buckingham Palace but are OK,), the Zig Zag garland (yeah alright), and then another type of garland which I will leave to the garland professionals and won't insult their abilities, quite complex ....

Have to admit was good to practise yesterdays skills and gave me good ideas for my 3 tier cake (see pic)

Thanks for your ideas, have gone with a 3 tier consisting of 6 inch round, 10 inch round and then 12 inch square, should look excellent. Now to decide on the colours. As its going to be too hard to bring back to Sydney, Terry who is from Boulder, Colarado is going to put it on display in her and her husbands bakery.

Debbie and Lorena took us through torting a cake and piping the icing which I hadn't seen before as the majority of cakes in Australia are fondant but was really good to learn for the buttercream style

After an awesome buffet lunch (like Sizzler) it was flower time with royal icing. We all attempted to do 'drop flowers' (looked quite easy in theory) but the icing was not playing ball today so we had to change to 'sweet peas' (see pic - ALOT more practise needed).

Managed to walk out of the shop again with no purchases - won't happen again though. There is just way too much to buy!!!

We are trying to sort out sight seeing plans for Sat and Sun. One of the locals husband is going to draw up a guide for us .... way too nice the local Chicagoians. Am craving a big glass of wine after the week so far so bring on Friday night!!! 

Anyway tonight is for planning the designs for our cakes - love it

Have good days

Fiona x


  1. Hey Fi Fi
    Sounds like you are having an awesome time and learning heaps! Am loving your daily updates! Miss you!

  2. I am not sure that Chicagoians is an Illinois endorsed term, but there you go. I love buttercream, best icing ever - actually worth eating. Fondant just looks neater.

  3. Hey Fi

    Love the updates. If you get a chance go and check out The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. A punk-rock bakery. Their stuff looks incredible.

  4. Love reading your blog Fi - and if you ever need an "official" taste tester when you're back in Sydney give me a shout! xx