Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wilton Master Course - DAY 1

Hello and Welcome Everyone to DAY 1 of the Wilton Master Course here in Chicago, Illinois USA. After an epic 24 hours to get here and 2 mornings at waking up at 1am and not getting back to sleep, it was time to start the course this morning.

I always say that you learn a new fact each day and on the journey over I learnt a few ....
1. Don't tell your life story (even if he asks) to the US Immigration officer who has the power of the stamp in your passport ..... he doesn't care
2. Don't argue with the Officers that say 1 personal bag and 1 cabin bag over - they wont change or bend the rules ... not even for an Aussie!!!
3. When the intercom at LAX airport announces your gate change .... please go and check with someone  behind the counter .... saves a plane load of people wandering the airport and nearly missing the flight!!!

There are 24 people in our course and we are all from all destinations from around the world. We played the 'who are you and why are you here' game this morning which was really interesting to listen to everyone's stories.

First moment of getting excited this morning was walking through the Wilton Shop and being told that we get 25% discount of all products. I sort of said to myself that I would wait until next week to make purchases but what a surprise when I left this afternoon with 2 books!!!

Today was all about what we are going to learn over the next 2 weeks and starting to think about our final 3 tier cake which we will design. Am already in a paddy about what shape I will do and have changed my mind at least 12 times.

The three things I learned today:
1. God bless aprons (thank you Sareybear)
2. Americans do not understand what hot chips are ... they are 'fries' .... thank god we cleared this up on DAY 1.
3. Piping icing takes patience!!! This I am still trying to learn ..... will get there ....(wont bore you with all those pics)

Have a look at the pics and you will get an idea of what the school looks like and what we did today.

Take care and until DAY 2
Love always
Fiona x


  1. How exciting, after clicking on eevery button as you do, I found you! It all look wonderful and full of "Stuff" we have Xmas soon, keep the travel tips and photos coming, it is all great stuff, coco is resting on my hand.xxxxxxxKitchen Prep Cook.

  2. Woo to the hoo!

    Do you need someone to come over and lick the bowl? Cause that I can do!

    Hope all goes well, Lovely and look forward to reading about your adventures!