Friday, October 1, 2010

DAY 4 - Wilton Master Course, Thurs 30 Sept

Hello Everyone

Would love to say that today was 100% goodness but the fact that I sitting here reporting in with a glass of wine in one hand and cheesy puffs in the other (who says you can't take the girl out of Mosman) is a tell tale sign that it was different ....

Today was all about flowers - in royal icing and in gumpaste

We started with the drop flowers (lovely) and then went on to roses (rose buds) which is where the day went downhill quickly for us all. They looked easy but once you got stuck in, the formations just didn't make sense. One chinese buffet later for lunch and things looked alot better.

After lunch we continued with the roses and just got with .... after about 50 of them (little bit of an over estimation) we all actually got the hang of it ... mind you, don't think you would find mine in any botanic books.

Carnations and 1/2 carnations were next which looked great and were fun to do too.

Lillies finished the first part of the day for class and which was an excellent plan .... they were alot easier and looked good too.

Thank christ we have 2 of the most patient teachers in the world. Imagine just for us individually we find it challenging but for Debbie and Lorena to have to explain it 12 times each .... good luck!!!

When we started the week we were given a box of icing tips which just looked like small little metal things but now it all actually makes sense on what each one does ... its actually quite incredible how much we have learnt and done so far ....

Everyone was still a touch dismayed though and then we had the thought of 3 hours of Gumpaste class to contend with aswell.  

BUT ... the roses we made for gumpaste class ended up looking OK, took 3 hours but was worth it 

Bob from Florida drove us home and thank christ we went via the biggest supermarket ever - I actually had 4 people asked me if I needed help looking for anything ... please ... that is one place in this world where I can find my way anywhere ... 

Once again managed not to buy anything from the Wilton shop but have added at least 12 more items to my list. 

Have also decided on my colours for my 3 tiered cake .... deep violet, most vibrant orange ever and am sure a bright magenta pink ... will no doubt change my mind though again ...

Rightio take care and until tomorrow ... enjoy the photos

Fiona x

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