Saturday, October 9, 2010

LAST DAY of our course and final photos ...

Hello ...

Enjoy all the pics ... everyone's final cakes were brilliant!!! Here is just a small selection of them ...

Was sad to say goodbye to my new friends today and friggen heck have we learnt alot over the past 2 weeks!!! (still can't move my right hand properly)

Very ready to be coming home and just want to get the big flight on the red and white kangaroo over and done with ... its a 24 hour trip with transfers and waiting time ....

To sum the last 2 weeks up has just been sensational and worth the last year and a half wait.

We did the big tour of Wilton HQ today and saw the test kitchens and the creative design departments. We then 'graduated' got our certificates and it was time to pack up our final clobber.

We also got to see new cakes and cupcakes and cookies that haven't been published yet so were not allowed to take photos, have tried to remember most and draw them down .... you should have seen the gingerbread houses designs .... can't wait for Xmas this year

Wasn't easy to leave my cake behind but I took Judy Sue, Mike and the orange lily's off and hope they make it home safe with my 'yeah brilliant' tight packing skills.

See you all next week 

Thanks for your lovely words

Fiona x


  1. congrats my lovely lady! Im so proud of you for using so much colour in your final cake!!! Cant believe some people used all white!!! have a great flight and ill see you soon xx

  2. Well done, Fi! What a great achievement!

    Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.