Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wilton Master Course - Week 2!! Tue 05 Oct DAY 7

Evening all, hope you are all excellent.

Very good over here this morning with frost all over the grass -  looked really pretty.

Today was all good, rather than rumble on what we did, will go through each of the pics which will tell the story ...

1. My paradise ... every colour possible of the Wilton range for all your desires. None of us can do anything in just white anymore, everything gets a colour. Because I just can't be normal, am always looking to create new colours and schemes

2. Some of the flowers we have been making which will go on the birthdays cakes, putting these together tomorrow

3. My butterfly which we did with icing gels (new technique learnt today) - the colours haven't come out very well but they are purple and red, yellow and black. Quite proud of myself that I didn't take hours to decide on the colours

4. Learning to write with the royal icing and piping skills - felt like we were back at kindy learning to write again ....

5 & 6. Have look at the difference between Debbie and teachers and mine ... am sure you can tell who is the student ....this was just before I wrecked mine and chucked it

7 & 8. Please meet Judy Sue and Mike who I made this afternoon. This photo doesn't do my little friends any justice. They are actually about 10cm in height. Named after the 2 TV presenters who wake me up at 0530 each morning over here. Will send another one through tomorrow when I have finished them ....

9. Another mission nearly completed - I went to the Wilton shop this afternoon and again boosted the US economy - should be getting my telegram from Barrack soon ....Thank god for the 25% discount though, just be prepared for all the baking that I will need sampling from next week

Right that's it for today ... bring on a few hours sleep and back into it again tomorrow .... You will be happy to know that I have changed my mind bout the cake design .... just going to see what happens when I get everything prepped and go from there ...

Be good

Fiona x

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  1. Cousin looks like you are learning so much!!!! xx