Friday, October 8, 2010

Wilton Master course - 2nd last day!!!

Hello there

Too tired to ramble on today so will just post the pics. We finished our final cakes and was amazing to see everyone elses. For a class of 24, everyone had such different styles and no 2 were nearly the same at all.

Will just put the planning of mine today and then tomorrow I will put my favourite ones of my class mates. We are doing a tour of Wilton HQ tomorrow and seeing all the kitchens and all the preparation behind the scenes, can't wait!!! (and we get to sleep in until 0600)

Don't look too much at Mike and Judy Sue ... poor things, I managed to drop them today so Judy Sue got a bit of a bump on her head ...

Also did round 3 (ding ding) of shopping at the Wilton Shop .... will definitely have to buy another suitcase tomorrow arvo ....

Hope you like my final cake .... looks OK

love Fiona x


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL, Fi Fi! Love your work! Bride and groom look perfect to me!

  2. Cam: Did Hewish make that?
    Richie Stewart: Yes.
    Cam: Fair dinkum? Wow, she's good.