Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wilton Master Course - Day 5 - Fri 01 Oct


Welcome to the end of week 1 - its nice to have it here ...

Today started with an hour and a half practise of our roses which we know and love ( I figure if I keep telling myself that it will sink in).

Next the half roses came along which were OK however I don't think you would classify the ones that I did as half roses ... more petals that just need a bit of encouragement ....

For a bit of variety we attempted the victorian rose which is just like its cousin but with a curvier tip (97) - its not in the nice part of the family either ....

BUT .... we then got introduced to Petunias and my stress levels came back to normal!!! They are a dream and I put violet paste in my icing bag with the white and got stripy petunias which looked fabulous in colour and will get their slowly in design.

Now I just need to work out if you can get purple, pink or orange petunias for my final work.

After lunch it was time to ice in royal icing our b'day cake and 3 tier wedding cake for next week. We went next door to Johnny's for lunch (awesome chicken wraps with hot chips (got into the fries debate again) so were all on a high until we started decorating.

We were just covering foam cakes as they will be for display and although it was brilliant having a palet knife back in my hand, I still need to learn not to be so critical of my own work ... its only icing!!!

The teachers put some music on and I was actually humming along and enjoying the 'pan flute' until they played my favourite Elvis song ... wasn't pretty!!!

So I am getting ready to go out to dinner tonight (Italian with big glass of red wine) with my team that are staying here at my hotel and it will be nice to get ready and know I am not getting covered in icing.

Tomorrow I don't have to wake up at 5.30am either, a few of us are going Downtown to play tourist (will say hi to Oprah if we find her) and then on Sunday I am going to the Mall next to the hotel for SHOPPING all day!!!

Have had an incredible week and wouldn't change a thing at all. Have got homework too which are the figurines I am going to make for my final work. Just the bride and groom though ....

Have brilliant weekends and look forward to posting on Monday with the beginning of my final works. Lets hope I can make a decision about designs and colours

Fiona x

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  1. Sounds like the trip has been more than just learning - what an adventure! I love the little fatty peeps here on top of the cakes!!