Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wilton Master Course - Week 2!! Wed 06 Oct DAY 8

Hello there

Its getting near the end now .... 2 days of class left to go and then we are on our own in cake world ...

Long day today with Gum paste class tonight after Masters Class.

This morning we did prep for a couple of hours on our final cakes. My poor little Judy Sue and Mike figurines, I put them under the heating lamps and they nearly got an all over tan ... all OK though

The rest of Masters Class was spent prepping and finishing the 'b'day' cakes. We divided the cakes into 8 and did all sorts of various designs from everything we have learnt over the last couple of weeks. Have a look at the progress photos ....after all that work I had to take everything back off as I can't bring mine home .... oh well to the next one

Don't be too critical of my flowers, not perfect but they are OK, will get there

Also check all the flowers we have made .... went to the biggest art and craft shop at lunch today and bought a compartment box .... really excellent ... lets see if I can get them back to Sydney safely though

Tonight in Gum Paste class we finished off our flowers which looked awesome. All was going greatly until I friggen snapped off one of my orchid leaves .... thank christ we made a sparey leaf for these such occasions.

Tomorrow we are doing our 3 tier cakes ALL DAY!!! Can't wait ... have changed the design but wont bore you with it .... wait for the pics tomorrow night.

Fact for the day: got the telly on right now in the background and one of the commercials is advertising hamburgers but they call them 'Manwich' for meat in a sandwich ... what will our world come with next

Bye for now ....

Fiona x


  1. Looking amazing my dear, love Judy Sue and Mike from yesterday. Glad you saved them from certain skin cancer!

  2. Oh Fi ~ you're brilliant. The icing, flowers and fancy bits look so good and I'm loving your funny little commentary and look forward to it every day.